Revolutionizing Agriculture and
Tourism with Blockchain

Asset Backed Galaxium Token


Galaxium is a participant-oriented project, aiming to make a profitable purchase of a future product based on blockchain technology that revolutionizes the production of durians. This project funding is based on crowdfunding model and involves attracting funds through the sale of Galaxium tokens, which are backed by the commodity value of 1 kg of durians produced by the company.

The initiators of the project and the project team believe that current economic realities and the advantages of blockchain technology can create new currencies based on commodity value as a foundation for the real economy sector.

About Us

Borneo Agrium is a farm that endeavors to positively contribute to Sabah’s economy by growing the production of tropical fruits and botanical perennials locally, as well as developing agro-tourism products to stimulate the tourism market in Sabah, Malaysia.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading supplier of tropical fruits and botanical perennials in Sabah, and be the main provider of sustainable agro-tourism in Sabah, Malaysia.

Our Mission

  1. We produce quality products at fair and reasonable prices.
  2. We research, develop and market agro-tourism products to stimulate inbound tourism.
  3. We increase the economic ability of indigenous locals by providing employment opportunities at our farms.
  4. We practice sustainable farming methods to minimize negative impacts to the local ecosystem.
  5. We strive to provide long-term profitability to ensure all the needs of our stakeholders are met.

Our Locations


Located at Southwest Sabah, this farm is approximately 1.5hours away by road from Kota Kinabalu City Centre. The current 30-acre plantation has been running for some 20 years, and will be expanded to 1,000 acres, with Musang King durians as the main produce.

In this location, there will also be a nursery farm set up to cultivate Musang King seedlings, which will be used to further expand the durian plantation.
Tourism activities in the Papar farm include informative farm and seedling nursery visitations, durian tasting and sampling, as well as eat-in facilities. Visitors can also buy durians directly from the farm and take them home, a truly farm-to-table experience. Research and development into creating quality durian by-products are also underway.

Why Galaxium

Now is “a chance for durian diplomacy.” Durian prices increase because of Chinese’s surge of demand. The value of China’s fresh imports of durian fruit has climbed an average of 26% a year over the past decade, reaching US$1.1 billion in 2016, according to United Nations data. In China, consumers are embracing different foods incorporating the tropical fruit, it is being used to flavor products from yogurt and cookies to coffee and pizza. In China, a single piece may cost about 100 yuan (US$15). This ties Galaxium tokens, which are pegged to the price of durians, to the positive dynamic exhibited on the market.

Growing durian has great potential for business growth, thanks to the favorable weather conditions in Malaysia, while the growing Chinese market translates into further business growth potential. It is obvious that China, with a deficit of areas suitable for cultivating fruit and a constantly growing consumption, does not have any other options to satisfy demand, other than to import goods.

Technological Advantages


Tokens are integrated into tokenized wallets, which will be utilized on cryptocurrency exchange markets, and will eventually be able to be integrated with existing stores.


Emission of Galaxium tokens is done on the Ethereum blockchain, which is among the most stable on the market today.


Galaxium Coin is being developed as an easy to use token with an understandable fiat equivalent (in the form of 1 kg of durians). It does not require specialized knowledge in cryptography or blockchain technology.

Economic Advantages


Tokens based on commodity value are not dependent on banks or financial institutions, instead being directly tied to the productivity of the company and its export activity.


Tokens based on commodity value are pegged to the market value of durians. Over the past 7 years, the price of 1 kg of durians has increased by 10-15% annually. Therefore, tokens are well protected against inflation in comparison with fiat currencies, and they demonstrate extremely low historical volatility.


Use of blockchain technology ensures increased transparency. Eventually this will translate into money transfers being documented and participants having access to information on crops growth and harvest, the volume of the harvest and its subsequent sale on the market. When this feature is implemented, it provides a total transparency to all parties on all data transactions.

Project Milestones

  • Getting on Toe

    • Idea Generation
    • Finding the like minded
    JAN 2017
  • Concept Development

    • Getting team ready
    • Conceptualization
    March 2017
  • Whitepaper Release

    March 2018
  • Pre ICO

    June 2018
  • ICO

    Feb 2019

Download Our Whitepaper

White Paper

Galaxium Token

Name : Galaxium Token
Type : ERC20
Symbol : GXM
Platform : Ethereum
Token minted : 50,000,000 GXM
Soft Cap : $1,000,000
Hard Cap : $50,000,000
Personal Min/Max cap : Min 0.1 ETH / Max no cap
Purchase methods accepted : BTC & ETH
Unsold tokens : Held by Management

Galaxium Coin is a blockchain project aiming to achieve a core modification of the durian production industry, similar to how Uber has revolutionized the taxi industry or how Upwork has brought freelancing to a new level. In short, the initiators of the project create processes in the production of durians through the implementation of an economic element in the seemingly completely understood export relations of the product.

Galaxium will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform and fully comply with ERC20 standard.

Fund Allocation

  • Land Expansion 50%
  • Needling Nurturing 20%
  • Infrastructure 20%
  • Operation 10%

Token Metrics

Amount of tokens 50 Mil

  • Pre-ICO 60%
  • ICO 16%
  • Galaxium Team 20%
  • Private Placement 4%


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